Saturday, August 19, 2017

Warp 8 History

Warp 8, Inc History

Warp 8 was established in June of 1999 by Chuck Schick and Tom Haver.  Chuck and Tom had worked together at Camp, Dresser and McKee (CDM) and joined forces to establish Warp 8.  They thought this Internet thing would take off and initially focused on being an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  After a couple business mis-steps they decided to offer IT services including ISP services but also IT consulting services to small businesses.   They discovered that small businesses had a real need for a trusted advisor to work with them on their IT infrastructure and by being a trustworthy partner to these businesses they could help their customers and also grow their own business.

A lot has changed since those early days.  At one time many clients had ISDN lines for Internet Access and that was considered blazing fast.  As technology has changed Warp 8 has had to continually evolve our business in order to address these changes.  We do not see that changing anytime soon. 

Today Warp 8 is still headquartered in Arvada, CO (part of Metropolitan Denver) and we are continuing to service small and medium-sized businesses - providing a variety of IT services.

Where did the name Warp 8 come from?

That is the number one question that we get asked when we meet people.  The second most asked question is "Are you guys Trekkies?"  When the company was started we were looking for a name that symbolized speed and technology, easy to remember and was short (short domain names are good).   In the original Star Trek series warp 8 was the normal maximum speed, above that everything started falling apart.  So the name Warp 8 was chosen as the company name.  No we would not be classified as "Trekkies" but we do enjoy Star Trek and other well-done science fiction shows.

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