Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hosted Exchange Overview

Hosted Exchange - Email Solutions

Most companies do not have in-house staff or resources to manage and maintain an Exchange server, including security, spam, anti-virus, backup and more. Warp 8 provides all the hardware, software, security and support while you enjoy "pay as you go" licensing and the satisfaction of knowing that you are managing your email as if you were operating a Fortune 500 environment without the large capital investment or ongoing financial risk.

Leverage Warp 8's infrastructure and expertise and receive the benefits of managed email hosting without the cost, worry or ongoing problems.

Warp 8's Hosted Exchange includes:

Turnkey exchange hosting with your domain name
Enterprize Class Spam Filtering.
Shared contacts, calendars and tasks
Real-time email on mobile phones (Windows Mobile, PocketPC, Blackberry, etc.)
Advanced web mail via OWA (Outlook Web Access)
Industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus
Nightly backups
Compliance with corporate regulatory and legal requirements
Managed servers and security
99.9% guaranteed uptime


Benefits of Warp 8's
Hosted Exchange

  • Work Anytime, Anywhere with hosted email: Get full access to all of your email folders, contacts, calendars, and files from any Microsoft Outlook or browser, from anywhere, anytime!
  • Keep Up to date: Any changes made to your emails, contacts, calendar and files in any medium, such as Microsoft Outlook or browser access) are kept up to date when accessed via any other medium.
  • Stay Connected: Carry your contacts, calendar, notes, emails and task list on the road in your BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and other popular smartphones.
  • Work Offline: work on your email, change contacts, schedule meetings and modify files even while disconnected from the Internet. Outlook can keep an offline copy of everything; any changes made in offline mode are synchronized.

  • Generous Disk Space - hosted Exchange mailboxes can almost unlimited space with our live office archiving features.

  • Collaborate easily & securely with co-workers, customers and suppliers.
  • Schedule meetings with your co-workers within moments by viewing everyone's busy and free times and picking the time that will work for everyone.

  • Administrative assistants can view, add, change, and delete appointments on other users' calendars.
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts for resources such as meeting rooms and equipment.

  • Share files, emails, contacts and calendars across the company, department, or project — all through easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Spam filters-  Unwanted emails cause hours of lost productivity. Our Hosted Exchange includes Postini spam and virus filtering.
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