Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing discussion can be confusing to the Business Owner. But don’t you worry; Warp 8 has your back. We can help guide you through the maze of information (and misinformation) from the buzz words, tv ads, through the slick presentations to help you know how Cloud Computing fits with your business and what steps you should be taking to implement a cloud solution.

The Warp 8 Cloud is an integrated service delivery solution that provides immediate access to a complete computing environment without the costs and risk of building and maintaining it yourself. The solution provides an all-inclusive, fully managed and supported IT infrastructure that requires minimal upfront capital investment.

For a monthly fee, The Warp 8 Cloud includes new servers, software licensing storage, virus protection, helpdesk support, PC and server monitoring, backup, intrusion detection, spam and spyware filtration, and more.

Customers Benefit from
Warp 8 Cloud Solutions

  • Eliminates capital expenditures for hardware, software, and networking equipment
  • Ensures software licensing compliance
  • Eliminates the business risk associated with owning and managing computer technology
  • Reduces administrative overhead and associated costs
  • Frees existing IT staff to refocus on strategic, business building objectives and projects
  • Maximizes business productivity with anytime, anywhere availability for users
  • Built-in state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Financial Flexibility and control over IT spending

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