Saturday, August 19, 2017

Spam Filtering



Spam Filtering

Email is one of the most important applications on the Internet today.  Unfortunately spam has a tremendous negative impact on email and results in lost time and productivity for companies.  The best place to fight spam is before it gets to your network.  Warp 8 provides state of the art spam and virus filtering services.  Our spam filtering services tests each message against our custom rulesets which are updated several times a day so spam outbreaks are intrecepted before they hit your network.

Features of our spam filtering service:

  • Whitelists can be configured per email account or per domain. 
  • Individual users can set the spam filtering to more or less aggressive levels.
  • Easy web interface to check on quarentined messages
  • Delivers low false positive rates so you do not miss critical emails.
  • Lower priced solution than our competitors.

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